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About five years ago a rash developed on my right hand, and began to grow. I went to see my medical doctor, who gave me a medication for fungus. This did not help, so a year later when cracks had developed in my hand, I went to a second doctor. He said it was psoriasis, and gave me a prescription ointment for my hand. That also did not help. About another year later, since my hand was much worse, I tried a third doctor. He diagnosed it as psoriasis, and told me there was no cure. At that point I gave up, thinking for sure there must be no cure. By this time my hand was constantly painful, cracking, peeling, and blistering. The skin was dry and rough. Even the hair follicles were irritated. Because my job involves working mostly with my hands, this was a major problem to deal with.

A few months ago I went to Dr. Thropay for another problem, and after several treatments I decided to mention my hand to him.  He checked me with his nutritional testing and found that there were parasites in my hand.  After we got those cleared out, he found next that I also was reacting to chlorine.  I stopped swimming and drinking chlorinated water, and took the recommended supplements.

Just 2 months after the first testing, my hand has healed to where it looks almost entirely like my other hand.  There is no more peeling or blistering.  I have no pain when I am using it at work, and that is a big plus.  I look forward to being able to swim again in the future….  

Richard Portillo

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Don’t Let Migraines Keep You Down Any Longer

Most of my life I have battled with migraines, panic attacks, and nervousness, like many other family members before me. From 1994 2005 I was taking a low dose of Xanax for panic attacks and sleeping. I was also taking Zantac for heartburn and Imatrix for migraines. The migraines were unbearable. I would stay in a dark room for days… …My mother and sister insisted that I give you a try. When I came to you in January 2009, I hadn’t been sleeping more than 1-2 hours per night, for 6 weeks. I was afraid to go to sleep because when I closed my eyes I could see strange things. I had lost a lot of weight, being afraid to eat because I thought something I was eating must be causing my problems. Having so many anxiety phobias, as well as sinus infections, rashes, and headaches, I felt like I was being poisoned. I was so weak I could hardly move from room to room. I didn’t want to listen to anything negative or even to visit with people. I couldn’t go grocery shopping, because the lights really bothered me. I just wanted to sit and cry. I was unable to work at the job I loved. At the point of first visiting your clinic, I really did not think that what you were doing could help me. I was wrong! Within 3 weeks I was sleeping through the night (and have been getting 6-10 hours per night for over a year now.) My many phobias of driving, flying, eating, shopping, etc. are TOTALLY gone!!! I am calm inside and out. I’ve been back at my job for nearly a year. My friend said she can hear the song in my voice again! I’ll admit that the first 3-5 months on your program were like a roller-coaster for me. One day I felt great, the next I thought I would never be well. But here I am over a year later, having faithfully followed your customized plan for me, and I feel better than I have in many years – maybe most of my life!
Cindi Brinson

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When I first came to see you, my arms and shoulders were constantly hurting, especially when I lifted my arms.  I was so weak I could hardly pick up anything heavier than fifteen pounds.  I had no energy, and I was always ready for a nap.  When I sat down for any length of time, I would fall asleep.
After six weeks of nutritional treatment, my arms and shoulders do not hurt anymore.  I can now pick up more weight than before.  I’m back to normal, and I am happy to say that I do not take naps anymore.
Thank you so much!
Wilson Guerrero

Shoulder Pain? Lower Back Pain? Low Energy? End Your Pain Today!

I have been coming to Dr. Thropay for chiropractic care at various times for about 18 years.  But this year I was experiencing a lot of pain – in the shoulder area, lower back, and between the shoulder blades.  Additionally, I had a very low energy level.
I came in for an adjustment, thinking that would solve these problems.  On previous occasions, I had seen some of the information in his exam rooms about nutritional health.  When I asked Dr. Thropay about it, he said that part of my problem could be resolved with nutritional care.  He told me about Dr. Omura and the development of resonance testing.  He also talked about the special computerized program he acquired from a Russian doctor who came to the U.S. after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980’s.  I signed on.
How is it now?  My energy level has jumped!  The pain between my shoulder blades is gone.  My lower back is in great shape, with the exception of a slight pain in the center.  Furthermore, I have lost 18 pounds and I really eat better, thanks to Mrs. Thropay’s Healthful Eating class and Dr. Thropay’s careful monitoring of what I eat.
I am thrilled with these results, achieved in a matter of a few short months.  I highly recommend Dr. Thropay to anyone for both his chiropractic and his nutritional care!
Robert C. Jensen

It’s Allergy Season Again!



Before I came to see Dr. Thropay for nutritional help, I had frequent allergies, and constant pain in my left knee.  I also was diagnosed by my doctor to have “borderline” high blood pressure.  And, I felt tired and bored most of the time.

Now, just three weeks later, I have no pain in my knee.  My blood pressure is now at normal or below normal levels.  I feel energized instead of bored and tired.  I’ve lost 4-5 pounds in the last three weeks, and I feel great!  This is really amazing!

Raul Ramirez

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