Suffering From Allergies? Thropay Chiropractic Can Help!

Before I came to see Dr. Thropay for nutritional help, I had frequent allergies, and constant pain in my left knee.  I also was diagnosed by my doctor to have “borderline” high blood pressure.  And, I felt tired and bored most of the time.

Now, just three weeks later, I have no pain in my knee.  My blood pressure is now at normal or below normal levels.  I feel energized instead of bored and tired.  I’ve lost 4-5 pounds in the last three weeks, and I feel great!  This is really amazing!
Raul Ramirez

Nature’s Skittles; Get Healthy & Live Healthy!



When I first came to see you, my arms and shoulders were constantly hurting, especially when I lifted my arms.  I was so weak I could hardly pick up anything heavier than fifteen pounds.  I had no energy, and I was always ready for a nap.  When I sat down for any length of time, I would fall asleep.
After six weeks of nutritional treatment, my arms and shoulders do not hurt anymore.  I can now pick up more weight than before.  I’m back to normal, and I am happy to say that I do not take naps anymore.
Thank you so much!
Wilson Guerrero

Healthy Eating Rule #27


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