Success Stories From One Of Our Wonderful Patients!

When I first came to you for Nutrition Response Testing, you found that my thyroid was very low.  (I knew it had been diagnosed as low about 4 months before my first visit to you.)  I was also experiencing mild joint pain in my hands, feet, neck, and elbows, especially after waking, walking, or stretching.  In addition, my throat was always dry, with a tickle on one side that made me constantly cough and clear my throat.  There was always a lot of mucus, too.

It’s obvious that you clearly identified the source of these problems, and gave me answers in the form of a simple nutritional program that was customized precisely to my needs.  Within a few weeks, I noticed that my throat was no longer bothering me and I wasn’t constantly trying to clear mucus from my throat.  Then it hit me that there was no more joint pain in my fingers when I stretched them, or in my feet and ankles for the first 15 minutes after waking or walking on them.  And it is wonderful that my thyroid now tests medically in mid-range!

I am very pleased with my progress, and hope to continue improving.
Thank you so much for helping me!
Veronica Manue

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Osteoarthritus Treatment At Thropay Chriopractic

As you know, my situation health wise was not at all good when I first came to you.  It seemed that I could never get well and feel good.  I had constant cold symptoms. I was always tired and lacking energy, and couldn’t sleep well at night.  My blood pressure would go up and down, I was overweight, and I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Also, my heart often palpitated quickly and that was scary.

Besides all those symptoms, I came in with very painful sciatica.  Frequently, too, my ring finger would lock up.  Since I’m a church organist, this was most awkward, to say the least.

But now – I feel so much better!  No sickness or cold symptoms.  I’m sleeping well and have more energy.  The latest blood work shows no sign of osteoarthritis now. I stopped eating sugar and soy, and have lost about 30 pounds.  My heart palpitations are a thing of the past, unless I transgress on my diet.  Sciatica is gone, and my fingers don’t lock up anymore…

Harvina Essex

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Thropay Chiropractic; We Promote Good HEALTH!


• provide the best natural health care to as many people as
  possible through accurate customized nutrition & gentle,
  effective chiropractic

• eliminate dependence upon pharmaceuticals,
   nutraceuticals & surgery

• eliminate dependence upon artificial and refined food
  products, which are destructive to health

• increase utilization of the real foods and natural
  remedies that God has provided for  us, which promote   
  good health.

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