Dr. Thropay’s Nutritional Approach To Health


Before I came to see Dr. Thropay for nutritional help, I felt sluggish, without drive or motivation.  My moods constantly fluctuated between up and down.  I slept poorly and always felt tired in the morning. Generally, I was just BLAH.

Within just a few days of my first visit, I now have a sense of well being, and an internal balance.  My emotional status is much more even-keel than before.  At night, I’m enjoying profound and deep sleep, and I actually feel rested when I awake.  My general assessment?  “It’s all good!”

On top of all that, today I ran without an ace bandage!

I am very impressed with Dr. Thropay’s nutritional approach to health, and would gladly refer anyone to his care.

Margarita Perez

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What Is Nutrition Response Testing?


Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of poor health or nagging health problems. It is based on the firm conviction that the human body has the potential to fully repair itself, when given the right nutrients.

The analysis we conduct is a check of your body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are the body’s way of showing how well your nervous system is doing its job of regulating all the body’s functions – organs and glands, joints and muscles, etc.
There are flows of energy between all parts and organs of the body. These flows can be disrupted for a variety of reasons often leading to a lack of correct nerve signals to keep that area functioning optimally. Our analysis easily detects these disruptions.

How do we conduct this analysis?
The practitioner will contact your extended arm with one hand, and contact the specific reflex area with the other hand. If the tested reflex is stressed, your nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm (which will weaken and cause it to drop). A drop in the arm indicates underlying stress or dysfunction in that area, which can be affecting your health.
You will be given the results of this analysis in terms you can understand, along with a specific nutritional program to follow that is customized to your case.
Once the underlying stress is corrected, the weak muscle response will no longer occur during analysis. The body will be busy repairing and restoring function to
the indicated organ or system.

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Have You Been To Multiple Doctors, With The Same Response…”There Is NO Cure”? Visit Dr. Thropay & Experience REAL Answers!

About five years ago a rash developed on my right hand, and began to grow. I went to see my medical doctor, who gave me a medication for fungus. This did not help, so a year later when cracks had developed in my hand, I went to a second doctor. He said it was psoriasis, and gave me a prescription ointment for my hand. That also did not help. About another year later, since my hand was much worse, I tried a third doctor. He diagnosed it as psoriasis, and told me there was no cure. At that point I gave up, thinking for sure there must be no cure. By this time my hand was constantly painful, cracking, peeling, and blistering. The skin was dry and rough. Even the hair follicles were irritated. Because my job involves working mostly with my hands, this was a major problem to deal with.

A few months ago I went to Dr. Thropay for another problem, and after several treatments I decided to mention my hand to him.  He checked me with his nutritional testing and found that there were parasites in my hand.  After we got those cleared out, he found next that I also was reacting to chlorine.  I stopped swimming and drinking chlorinated water, and took the recommended supplements.

Just 2 months after the first testing, my hand has healed to where it looks almost entirely like my other hand.  There is no more peeling or blistering.  I have no pain when I am using it at work, and that is a big plus.  I look forward to being able to swim again in the future….  

Richard Portillo

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