Take Care with Skin Care!

We often hear about reducing our carbon footprint. How about reducing our chemical faceprint? J

It’s well-known that the skin, the largest organ of the body, easily absorbs whatever is applied to it. So, besides being diligent about what we put INTO our bodies to digest, we may enhance our wellbeing further by paying careful attention to what we put ON our bodies.

Let’s take a quick look at the bad guys first.

Many skin care products contain carcinogenic (associated with cancer) ingredients, and here’s a partial list:

Titanium Dioxide
Triethanolamine (or TEA)
DMDM-Hydantoin – formaldeyde releaser
Polysorbate 80 and Cetareth 20 (associated with the carcinogenic 1,4-Dioxane)
Diazolidinyl Urea – formaldehyde releaser

Some items are associated with other conditions like dermatitis, nerve damage, hormone disruption:

Propylene Glycol (a component of antifreeze, along with Butylene Glycol )

See Sodium hydroxide in there? This is lye (drain cleaner).

Unfortunately, even some “natural” and “organic” brands of skin care products often contain 1,4-Dioxane, although this ingredient is not listed on the labels. There IS a way to get around that, however – simply look for ingredients containing ‘myreth,’ ‘oleth,’ ‘ laureth,’ ‘ceteareth,’ or any ‘eth’! Those are products to avoid.

Now, how about the good guys? In other words, what can we use? This will be your question when you’ve gone through the labels of so many skin care products. Are there really any totally pure products that will improve my “chemical faceprint”?

Not many, but some!

Our Number One recommendation is an online company that makes wonderful body balm from ONLY grass-fed beef tallow, olive oil, and pure essential oils. Check out the link for yourself at http://www.vintagetradition.com

It is easy to make your own facial moisturizer from a combo of almond, avocado, olive, and sesame oils, with a little lavender or other essential oil for fragrance. (Call us for the recipe proportions) As with the Vintage Tradition products, a little goes a long way, so you seldom have to bother with replenishing your supply.

As second best, there are a few companies who don’t use parabens and certain other no-no’s listed above. When you shop, check the ingredients carefully, and choose the one with the fewest ‘bad guys.’ Some of these companies are Alba Botanical, Avalon, (not Avon!) and Aubrey. There may be others.

All the best in your quest! Any feedback you have for us is welcomed. Call us at (562)861-3896

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