It is every parent’s dream to have strong, healthy children who grow up into strong, healthy adults. Given the sad truth that our fast-paced culture of “instant everything” is combined with continual toxic bombardment, is this goal attainable? Normally, YES! – with your investment of time and “know-how.”
So, parents and grandparents, are YOU prepared for the next school year?
It’s really pretty simple.

The biggest tool in the kit, of course, is to eat (and serve!) a whole foods diet, and eliminate as much as possible the processed convenience food products.

This fundamental step also takes the most work, because it requires diligent supervision of what is eaten – by yourselves as well as by your children. You will need to commit to buying whole food groceries and then cooking and serving them – each week. You’ll become an expert at reading and quickly analyzing the “Ingredients” list of any product before purchasing. You will strategize a plan for making lunches for school and work, rather than relying upon others to feed you non-nutritive meals during the day.

After that, the rest is easy!

Have a good source of pure, filtered drinking water, and encourage lots of water drinking, preferably between meals
Engage in a do-able and sustainable exercise program – individually or as a family
Keep a few basic tools in the form of whole food supplements on hand, as follows:

Cataplex B tablets: The whole B complex nutritionally supports the body in maintaining good brain health. Unfortunately, the standard American diet is low in these nutrients. Physical problems like chronic exhaustion or hyperactivity, and emotional difficulties with anxiety, anger, nervousness, or fears may be indicators that more B complex nutrition is needed.

Calcium Lactate (tablets or powder): Everyone requires a good supply of bioavailable calcium in their daily intake. “Growing pains,” joint and muscle aches, chronic colds and ear infections, trouble concentrating – these all may indicate that bioavailable calcium is needed. Most calcium supplements require 12 digestive steps in order to be metabolized. Calcium Lactate takes ONE step, as it is made from fermented vegetables instead of inedible substances like coral or rocks. Pasteurized dairy products contain calcium that is bound into a much less digestible form, therefore difficult to fully absorb – therefore we suggest supplementing with this excellent product.

Congaplex capsules: This is a combo supplement that supports the body’s work with its immune function. Great to have on hand to help you get through the cold season.

There’s your basic nutrition tool kit!

To have a more customized program for your child (or yourself), come in for a nutrition appointment with Susana. Many of our patients consider this a back-to-school essential! Our bodies are as individual as our faces, and have their own specific needs and challenges.

For appointments, please give us a call at (562) 861-3896

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