HPF – Happy Patient Feedback!



This person drove past our clinic frequently for 10 years. When he recently saw the new sign on our door, he decided to check us out. Here are his words:

“I came in feeling desperate about my health. I felt better after the first visit, and better each week thereafter. I wasn’t sure this type of treatment would work, but I am sure now!”

Great decision to walk into Thropay Health Center!

We don’t “cure” anyone – but we support your body’s inborn ability to heal and maintain itself.

The old saying, “Prevention is better than cure” is never more applicable than with cancer. Since the statistics of breast cancer are so high (potentially one in three women), we’ll look at some preventive ideas for breast care that should assist your body in its hard work.
[To our male readers: Please don’t stop reading! Most of these suggestions are helpful for YOU, too – plus, you can pass them on to a special lady in your life.]

These tips are based upon information from an article in Medscape, May 6, 2015.

– stay off synthetic hormones, and use bioidentical hormones only when totally necessary

– quit smoking (if you do) and begin exercising. Exercise reduces the risk of B.C. by 35%.

– get all highly processed/refined fats out of your life – such as “vegetable oils,” spreads, margarine, shortenings, and store-bought salad dressings. Replace with butter, extra-virgin olive oil, or high-lignan flax oil. For cooking, use coconut or avocado oil

– eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits daily – be sure to frequently include kale, beets, greens, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli

– use chlorine filters for drinking, cooking, and showering water

– drink no or little alcohol, and avoid Tylenol – your liver is frontline for cancer prevention

– be out in the sun and take an unrefined cod liver oil supplement – get lots of vitamin D

– ladies – wear a bra for less than 12 hours daily – cuts your risk of B.C. in half!

– if B.C. is in your family, come and be evaluated by Susana to see what further steps you can personally take to assist your body in maintaining good health

Your feedback is valuable to us! Respond to this email, or call us at (562) 861-3896.



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