Analyze your ANS


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There is no end to the wonders that are built into the human body. We are “pre-programmed” to survive – no matter what! Even against the most frightening or discouraging odds, our bodies cling to life.

In order to achieve this major goal, we have each been given an incredible system for managing and healing injuries and for maintaining the function of all the basic systems that spell L-I-F-E to the body.

This amazing master/director is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The ANS is composed of three branches:

1) Enteric – sometimes called the “gut brain,” because it manages every aspect of digestion

2) Para-sympathetic – responsible for repair, restoration, relaxation, and maintenance

3) Sympathetic – the “fight-or-flight” branch that goes into gear when you need an immediate rush of energy to handle a sudden emergency. It will direct blood and energy to the heart, lungs, and muscles to help you run from danger, for example.

Normally, and for good health, the para-sympathetic and enteric branches dominate the sympathetic branch. They continually support the brain and central nervous network, plus the digestive system. Digestion is basically inhibited by the interruption of the sympathetic function, but that is always intended to be temporary. The other two branches resume “business as usual” when the emergency is over.

When dominance between the para-sympathetic and sympathetic branches is too frequently reversed, our health suffers.

Therein lies one reason for the many health problems in this fast-paced culture. The continual stresses we encounter every day trigger the constant activation of the sympathetic system at a low level. This subjugates and impedes the important action of the parasympathetic and enteric systems. Several undesirable things can happen in this situation of imbalance:

– poor food choices are often made to manage the stress, such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar and so-called comfort foods

– enzyme production and activity can decrease

– over-production of cortisol in the brain, which affects digestion

– gut bacterial balance may be thrown off

– immune system response can be affected by the digestive woes

Each item on that list means trouble!

There is plenty of help, however. Many of you receive periodic Heart Rate Analysis tests, which reveal the ANS balance/imbalance in YOUR body Dietary counseling, whole food supplements and herbs can all make a big difference in helping your body get back on track.

We’re here to help! Call us for an appointment at (562) 861-3896

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