Oversee your Omega-3’s


As we’ve all heard, our bodies require Omega-3 fatty acids for good health. Fortunately, these are bio-available from several well-known foods – but they often occur in small amounts. That means we need to focus on getting enough Omega-3’s by regularly consuming as many of these foods as possible.

For those who are concerned about the Omega 3-Omega 6 ratio, some of these listed foods do contain both types. However, it makes sense to me that natural foods that are organically grown (or from grass-fed animals) are not a health hazard. Omega-6 fats from artificial, refined food products cause the damage.

Here are some Omega-3-containing foods to consciously, regularly add to your intake:

Wild-caught oily fish, such as salmon
Flaxseeds (freshly ground) and flaxseed oil
Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds
Green leafy vegetables, including kale, spinach, parsley, mint
Brussels sprouts
Eggs from pastured chickens
Grass-fed cattle meats
Raw milk and raw cheese from grass-fed cows

Dr. Russell Blaylock tells us that Omega-3 fatty acids bring quite a number of health benefits. There are other contributing factors to good health, as well, but this is a great start. Here is a partial list:.

Aid in the prevention of preeclampsia ( sudden hypertension during pregnancy), premature births, depression, autoimmune diseases, arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease

Modulate anger, anxiety, fear, bipolar disorder

Protect the brain – of babies, children, and adults

As you pursue the goal of optimum health, please remember to include a variety of these Essential Fatty Acids (EFFs) foods in your daily diet.

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