In the past few years, we’ve been hearing a lot about calcium and the important role it plays in the human diet.   Sometimes, though, calcium is demonized because of negative symptoms that can appear in those who take calcium supplements.
So, where is the truth in this seeming paradox?   
It’s pretty simple, actually.  What our bodies require is calcium in a form that it can USE to meet its many demands for this essential mineral.  That usable form is called “calcium bicarbonate.”  The “bi” part of the word helps us remember that this calcium is already bioavailable for the body’s use.
On the other hand, there are plenty of calcium supplements out there that are in the “calcium carbonate” form.  This means the calcium they contain is NOT readily available for the body.  In fact, it takes twelve biochemical steps for the body to break it down, and by that time, only a small portion of the calcium is useful.
Knowing that contrast, you can understand why there is this dichotomy about calcium supplements out there. 
Calcium carbonate supplements are often made from coral or chalky rocks.  Who would  choose to chew on coral or a chunk of rock, even if we had the teeth for it? These are not foods, and therefore not good sources of calcium.  Much of the calcium from these supplements ends up either excreted in the urine or deposited in various ways.  Arterial plaque build-up, kidney stones, cataracts, bone spurs – these all consist of calcium that has not been utilized by the body. 
Calcium Lactate, by contrast, is in calcium bicarbonate form, made from fermented vegetables (actual foods!).  The fermentation process acts as a type of pre-digestion, so the calcium is readily usable by the body – in a one-step process.  This means that the much lower number of milligrams per tablet in Calcium Lactate will do a better job than the high-mg.12-step calcium carbonate supplements.
Growing pains, muscle cramps (and angina, because the heart is a muscle), hyperactivity, osteoporosis, and low immunity all point to calcium deficiency.   And, as you know, the typical western diet does not supply nearly enough of it. 
The result is that most of us require calcium supplements in order to re-stock the body with what it has been missing for years.  Of course, the other half of the equation is to eat a NON-typical diet – one that contains plenty of usable calcium. 
Great dietary sources include raw milk (not pasteurized) and raw cheese, almonds and Brazil nuts, sesame and flax seeds, kale, broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens.
Standard Process has been making Calcium Lactate supplements for 65+ years.  They are one of our most popular products, and very reasonably priced.   Call us anytime so we can have your supply ready for you. 

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