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Is eating organic produce that important? Why should supplements be made from organically-grown foods? There are three basic answers which cover both of these commonly-asked questions:

1. Sustainable organic farming is indisputably best for the earth. Valuable resources in the soil and atmosphere are retained, utilized, and replaced by the cycles of natural farming, as opposed to indus trial farming. With organic farming, no toxic chemical pesticides are poured into our water sources or sprayed into the air, to be ingested by animals and humans, creating serious health issues.

2. The nutritional content of organically grown foods is considerably higher than that of industrialized farm products. (Please see the study results from Rutgers University, quoted in “Why Standard Process Farms Organically…”) Superior nutrition promotes superior health. There’s so much more “bang for your buck”!

3. Concentrated whole organic foods and supplements do not deposit toxic residues in the bodies of those who eat them. Industrialized farm products add these negatives which virtually cancel out the health benefits that could come from naturally-raised foods.

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