Dr. Thropay’s Household Products


A typical morning for many people might include: Wake up to a digital alarm clock, wash hands with antibacterial
soap, wash face with a special cleanser, brush teeth with Crest or Colgate, take a shower with
scented gel, shampoo with a popular scented shampoo and matching conditioner, put on a moisturizer or
sunscreen, spray on perfume or cologne, apply make-up – foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick. Before
even leaving the house for work, a person can be exposed to a multitude of harmful chemicals, dyes, and
colorings! These items can cause serious damage to the nervous system of one whose immune system is
struggling, and even in a healthier person can hinder the ability to achieve optimal health. But there are
great options for reducing and/or eliminating this potential threat to our health. Although we can’t control
general pollution out there, we can choose products that do not compromise our personal environments.
The following are suggested:
Toothpaste FLOURIDE FREE – Tom’s of Maine • Nature’s Gate • Jason’s

Body Soaps Jason body wash • Shikai Shower Gel
Shampoo Any natural coconut oil based soaps scented with natural oils
Kiss My Face • Jason • Alba
Lotions Pure coconut oil • Dr. Bronner’s • Kiss My Face • EccoBella
Nail Polish Remover Almost Natural Polish Remover
Make-up Origins by Macy’s • Aubornne • Hemp Naturals Lip Tints
Skin Care Dr. Hauschka (very expensive) • Origins by Macy’s • Avalon moisturizer • Alba
Perfumes None at all, or pure, high quality essential oils
Hair Dyes Naturcolor (need a hair stylist willing to work with you)
Trionics (non-toxic colors or perms) available online
Hair Sprays Any non-alcohol from natural stores, e.g. Aloe 80 Organics
Shaving Cream Tom’s of Maine shaving cream
Deodorant Lavilin • Tom’s of Maine
Feminine Hygiene Natracare • Organic Essentials (Trader Joe’s) • Seventh Generation
(all the above have no-chlorine cotton pads and tampons)
Bubble Baths Try Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid – great for kids!
http://www.athropay4health.com • 562 l 861 l 3896 • 11425 Paramount Bl. Downey, CA 90241
Sink Cleansers Bon Ami
Dishwashing Soap Seventh Generation • Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness
Spray Cleaners Distilled white vinegar mixed w/ water • Planet spray cleaner • Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers
Candles Aroma Naturals essential oil candles (non-toxic, lovely smell)
Toilet Bowl Cleaners Seventh Generation
Wood Floors Ecover Wood Floor Soap
Hand Soap Buy empty dispensers – use ½ Dr. Bronner’s and ½ water mix
Laundry Soap Ecos • Seventh Generation • Oxi Clean (if necessary for whitening)
Ecover non-chlorine bleach • Trader Joe’s laundry soap
Room Sprays Mia Rose Air Therapy (Trader Joe’s) • Clean Air citrus room sprays
Essential oils diluted with water
Tap water. Get a good filtering system for drinking water, and a chlorine filter for your shower head(s). Use
rubber gloves for hand washing dishes and clothing
Bottled water from plastic containers, large or small. Stainless steel bottles for toting your daily drinking
water are much preferable. Or, better yet, look for glass bottles at Dollar stores, although these are less
convenient to carry.
Aluminum and Teflon cookware. Use glass or stainless steel cookware.
Chemical room sprays such as Lysol. These are extremely toxic to both skin and lungs.
Digital and atomic clocks. Old-fashioned wind-up clocks and watches are preferable – no EMF radiation.

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