By definition, synergy is “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual effects.”

You have often heard from us that a natural food contains many nutrients, perfectly balanced together in order to deliver the best nutritional value.

The fact that most of the nutrients come in tiny amounts doesn’t diminish the value of the food. Actually, the value is enhanced by both the variety and the balance between them.

Eating an organic orange will provide more nutritional benefit than taking a handful of “Vitamin C” tablets, for example. The tablets probably contain high number amounts of ascorbic acid in isolated form. But ascorbic acid is just ONE of the many components of the vitamin complex that is named C. All of that C complex occurs in the orange, and those tiny amounts are needed by each other. Cooperating beautifully, they work together to produce the greater amount of good.

Let’s look at spinach for another example. Spinach is known for its high iron content. It happens that the vitamin C in the plant is necessary to enable the perfect absorption of that iron into the body. Again, the nutrients perform as a team to best boost your health. (And as a side note, it’s important to make sure the spinach is fresh and eaten steamed or raw to retain as much natural vitamin C content as possible Too much water will leach out any water-soluble nutrients.)

This amazing feature of natural foods gives us the PLUS side of synergy. A truly healthy diet will rely greatly upon organic foods for nutrition that packs a punch.

Then there is the MINUS side. When we ingest – through lungs, digestive system, or skin – small amounts of several “bad guys,” the combined effect is called toxic synergy…and it is very real.

When we eat food cooked with aluminum ware or foil, we ingest “a little” aluminum – every time. Perhaps we also have “a little” cadmium from breathing smoke, or titanium from dental implants or cosmetics, or mercury from dental amalgams and medications – and the list goes on. These metals need not be in high amounts to be toxic, because they enhance each others’ toxicity. Their “teamwork” – toxic synergy – is serious news for our health!

Considering that heavy metals are implicated in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, other autoimmune diseases, cancer, and more, your best prevention is to:

a) stop the inflow
b) address the safest, most natural way of gently removing the metals or other toxins from your system.

Nutrition Response Testing is definitely our method of choice to support positive synergy and delete negative synergy! It covers both bases, assisting your body to do the job by means of its own intelligent priority system.

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