Chew for your life!


In the “good old days,” we were told as children to chew our food 25 times…40 times…even 100 times per bite. This became a dinner table game, which actually reinforced the concept in a fun way.

There was a lot of value in that advice!

Chewing food thoroughly is actually the first step to proper digestion. The stomach is able to perform its part well when the food has first been mechanically broken down finely in the mouth and infused with saliva to create a digestible mush.

We get in the habit of gulping our food as quickly as possible and rushing on to the next event. But short-cutting the step of thorough chewing is an invitation to digestive problems…and even a waste of money and resources.

For example, raw vegetables (as in salads or veggie trays) are some of the most challenging foods for the stomach and GI tract to digest. Plants have a cellulose wall around every cell. If that protective barrier is not broken down mechanically, all those wonderful nutrients will pass through unabsorbed, for the most part – depriving us of their nutritional benefits.

Chewing food well also helps prevent acid reflux by reducing the volume of food in the stomach at any one time.

Taking time to properly chew food will enhance our lives with better health AND the relaxation benefits of a slow-down break in our busy-ness.

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