The Harmony of Health


Dr. Earl Powell wrote the following:

“Music is said to be the universal language of mankind. It has charms to soothe or to arouse the deeper feelings of the soul. Music stirs that inner something in man that can set him dancing. a lullaby will soothe an infant to sleep.

Birds sing and animals caper to rhythm…Even the heart beats in rhythm when health abides.

Do you know that health, like music, comes also from within? Health requires the normal expression of life through the medium of the nervous system, and there must be harmony in this relationship.”

Dr. Powell’s analogy makes the nervous system the “conductor” of our body’s “orchestra.” The major sections of instruments would be bones, muscles, glands, and organs. The conductor directs theses instruments by means of communicating fibers that pass through openings between the spinal vertebrae and spread in a vast network throughout the body.

Just as a conductor knows when even one instrument is out of tune or plays a false note, so our nervous system is immediately aware when a body “instrument” fails to render a true tone. If this situation continues, it affects the other “players,” and the harmonious music of good health becomes disharmony.

Fortunately, we have learned the various interferences that cause our body instruments – and our conductor! – to falter. These may be one or more of the following:

– Structural misalignments (vertebrae and joints)
– Scar tissue not correctly healed at the deeper level
– Allergic reactions to foods
– Toxicity from heavy chemicals or heavy metals
– One or more immune challenges – bacteria, fungus, virus, or parasites

It is one thing to detect a problem and inform the patient what it is. A medical facility will diagnose a condition and then “try” a drug or do an invasive procedure, both with the same goal of eliminating the symptoms.

We at Thropay Health Center believe that we do much better than that! We have natural, non-invasive solutions to help the body correct itself at the root cause.

When the body resolves its own problems, harmony is restored and the orchestra plays a rich, joyful song of HEALTH!

If someone you know needs his or her body harmony restored, don’t hesitate to call us. Many clients here have found that their health improved far beyond their expectations!

Our number is (562) 861-3896

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