“Sweets to the sweet!”


Q. What types of sweeteners do you recommend?

A. You have no doubt heard that many scientists and professionals say, “Sugar is sugar; it doesn’t matter where it comes from, it has the same effect.” We respectfully disagree, because we believe the body is smarter than that. Our clinical experience shows that the human body greatly differentiates between natural and artificial or over-processed products.

Therefore, as with all foods that make up a health-promoting diet, it comes down to one basic question to ask ourselves: Is this sweetener a truly natural, unrefined product that retains the original minerals, vitamins, fiber, and phytonutrients?

Here is a simple YES and NO list to make it easy for you. (Of course, you are welcome to research these products if you have the time and inclination šŸ™‚ And the one caveat, maybe the one “element of truth” in the above popular quotation, is that sweet foods should always be eaten in limited amounts.


– raw, unfiltered honey produced in spring or summer from flower nectar. This is our Number One choice. Unfortunately, some of the honey production in America is corrupted in the off-season months by feeding bees processed sugar and/or keeping light on the hives 24 hours. Ask questions!

– dates

– organic fruit

– natural stevia plant you grow yourself


– HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) – found everywhere!

– Agave nectar = not even “raw, organic” – this is a highly processed product

– Chicory syrup – a “cover” for agave syrup

– Stevia powder

– evaporated cane juice

Next week, we’ll talk about the various sugars that are advertised as better choices than refined white sugar.

And, as always, your comments and questions are welcome!

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