Chemical Stew


There are approximately 80,000 chemicals currently in use in the USA. Of these, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has tested only 200 – and out of those they have regulated five. In other words, there are no proscribed laws limiting the use of 79,995 chemicals in our environment.

With the number of autistic children currently skyrocketing as it is, there is probably no one reading this letter who doesn’t know someone affected by it. It is our hope that passing on this information to them will be helpful.

There are now at least 10 groups of chemicals that are highly suspected as factors in the autism spectrum:

1. Lead
2. Methyl mercury
3. PCBs
4. Organophosphate pesticides
5. Organochlorine pesticides
6. Endocrine disruptors
7. Automotive exhaust
8. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
9. Brominated flame retardants
10. Perflourinated compounds

Looking up the big words will reveal that most if not all of these are common, everyday toxins in our immediate environment. They are also possible to avoid or reduce, to a greater or lesser degree. And when it comes to autism, every little bit helps! Every parent longs for their child to have the best opportunity for a normal and productive life.

As we know from experience in this office, Nutrition Response Testing does provide significant help for those affected by the autism spectrum. Evaluation will show specifics that need to be addressed in order of priority for that individual’s body – and provide you with the tools to do so. Grateful parents find that not only their child’s but also their own quality of life is improved as the customized program is followed.

We’re here for YOU! Call us at (562) 861-3896. And special thanks to all of you who do share these newsletters with others.

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