Ready to spring clean?

We’re repeating our March promo from last year – our amazing Standard Process 21-day Purification Program at a 15% discount off the kit price!

In case you are wondering about the benefits of this purifying program, here are a few things that will happen if you follow the instructions diligently. You will:

– manage your weight. This is the best program we know of that takes off unnecessary pounds while improving your health and bringing a glow to your face.

– support and enhance the performance of your “toxic elimination team” (liver, kidneys, small and large intestines) to gently but thoroughly remove the many toxins that accumulate in your body over time. Remember, there are about 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S. Hundreds of these are present in our bodies, according to the CDC.

– kick-start yourself to a better lifestyle for your health. This program helps eliminate and change the harmful food cravings we can develop. Your taste buds will come alive, and you will find yourself enjoying foods you previously disliked – such as vegetables! This makes “eating right” so much easier as a way of life.

If you have already done the 21-day Purification Program in the past, you will relate to what I’m saying. And it’s a great maintenance tool that should be repeated at least once per year.

Occasionally, someone’s body is SO toxic that they can’t handle the Purification Program before making some preliminary changes. We strongly recommend that everyone come to Susana for evaluation to make sure you are ready to start, before beginning the program.

We’re here as your cheerleading team! Most of us here have done this program ourselves, and we all highly recommend it. Perhaps you know someone else who would be interested. Everyone will get the discount, as long as the purchase is made during March.

Give us a call right away to reserve your kit(s) at (562) 861-3896. And happy spring cleaning! Your body will thank you!

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