Health IQ


NASCAR race cars use a special combination fuel – 110-octane leaded gasoline. This obviously provides superior performance for the engine. But what would happen if the driver decided to save money and time by filling up at a local gas station? Using regular 87-octane unleaded fuel just might change the outcome in the race! (Duh)

Do we give our bodies inferior “fuel” and yet expect race-car performance from them?

So many of us are constantly on the go, and we get quite indignant when our bodies break down and spoil the week’s schedule. Maybe the fault is with ourselves! Being so busy makes us high risk for grabbing convenience food…too many times a week. Or buying pre-made food products that can be quickly heated at home. This practice all too soon becomes habitual despite our good intentions, and our body “engines” reflect the chronic deprivation of genuine nutrients.

Making time consistently to shop for and prepare real foods is a must. Anything less will actually cost us much more – in both time and money – for the loss of health that we incur. Not to mention the need to drag ourselves through our lives with depleted energy, fatigue, and any number of symptoms that we try to ignore.

Good health is not just a matter of “I don’t have cancer or heart disease or diabetes (that I know of yet) and my doctor says I’m doing great.” Most disease conditions are quietly developing, unconsciously to us, for a considerable length of time before symptoms manifest themselves. Then they are much harder to deal with.

It just makes sense to stop and take a “Health IQ” test, say every first day of the month. Here are a few questions to ask ourselves:

1) Am I consciously putting only top-performance “fuel” into my body?

2) Am I getting 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY night? (Sleep deprivation is very hard on the body’s healing/maintaining mechanism)

3) Am I consistently making every effort to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals – such as substituting healthful cleaning products for chlorine or other harsh cleaners?

4) Am I avoiding unnecessary radiation by not carrying my mobile phone on my person or using it excessively each day?

There are so many toxins in our environment that we can NOT avoid. Some we can. And the biggest item is food – we still CAN control what we eat.

Something to think about and act upon!

We’re always here to help cheer you on. Call us anytime at (562) 861-3896.

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