Cancer cancelled

This patient improvement story is so impressive that we are sharing it with you in its entirety today.

“In 2007 I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. My medical doctor and I both knew that this was a death sentence. During the same exam, gallstones were also found. Obviously, the tumor caused me far greater concern than the gallstones.

My first step was to see Dr. Thropay at Thropay Chiropractic and Nutrition for nutritional counseling. During his evaluation he pointed out several things to me:

a) cancer thrives on sugar in all its forms – granulated white sugar, brown sugar, or even flour products
b) cancer thrives where there are heavy metals present in the body
c) body scars can impede the body’s healing mechanism and should be treated with sesame oil, wheat germ oil or cold laser, or a combination of these.

Immediately, I began eliminating sugar and flour products from my diet, draining the heavy metals out (under his direction) and treating my scars. Within the year on a follow-up evaluation with my medical doctor, I was informed that my gallstones had shrunk. I had to ASK her about the pancreatic tumor. She acknowledged then that it was no longer visible on their diagnostic tests! Instead of rejoicing with me, she made no comment other than, ‘We need to address those gallstones now.’

In 2009 I was again diagnosed with cancer. Mammography revealed that there was a solid mass in my left breast. I returned to following my dietary restrictions more closely and went back to Dr. Thropay. He repeated his original advice and recommended some concentrated whole food supplements and herbs.

I followed all his recommendations super-conscientiously, and added juiced organic vegetables to my daily routine. This cancer was more stubborn than the first one – perhaps partly due to the mammography (which can spread existing cancer by means of the extreme trauma to the tissue), and/or the added scar tissue from the biopsy. The tumor showed signs of growing, and in fact put out two ‘daughter’ satellite strands in the same breast. Dr. Thropay’s brother, an oncologist, was also monitoring my case at this point. I did not want radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery, but I accepted some hormone therapy that he suggested might partially shrink the tumor – and then he would want me to have a lumpectomy (surgery).

Meanwhile, I diligently treated all my scars daily, took all the supplements and herbs, juiced raw greens, took lemon juice and baking soda every day, kept out the metals, and was absolutely pristine with my diet.

On September 24, 2014, the welcome news finally came. The cancer was completely gone – without surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy!

When she saw these test results, my primary medical physician was profoundly impressed. She then told me that the medical profession does know that we can reduce or eradicate cancer by correcting our diet. But most people are unwilling to follow such a strict diet indefinitely – eliminating all processed sugars and junk food, eating only organic whole foods. Because of that, she said, most doctors don’t even suggest it.

It’s not a problem for me! I’ve been through enough to realize how essential it is for me to continue this lifestyle perpetually. I have so much energy and feel great, and everyone comments on how good I look.

I am so grateful that THROPAY HEALTH CENTER steered me in the right direction!

Eugenia Conte”

Thank you, Eugenia, for sharing the story of your incredible journey with us.

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