From the Archives

Today we’re going to share with you a letter from 2007. It was written by Dr. Thropay after he had worked with this patient who came 3000+ miles to receive his care. 
“Ken suffered with arachnoiditis for over 35 years.  It dated back to a myelogram he was given preparatory to back surgery that was performed on him in his teens.  The dye that was injected for the myelogram caused chronic inflammation in his spinal cord.
Besides that, the surgery did not relieve him of his pain.  The back pain and leg pains down to his feet became increasingly worse and more debilitating.  Seven years after the surgery, the medical doctors finally admitted that their procedures were to blame.
Fast forward three pain-filled decades…for the past two years before I saw him, he was taking multiple medications for pain and inflammation, including the highest permitted dose of one drug for eight weeks.  He was unable to function actively during those two years – in fact, had recently spent an entire five-week period flat on his back on the floor.
The only prognosis his doctors could give him was that he soon would be in a wheelchair.
My evaluation showed heavy metal toxicity, including mercury, antimony (from the dye), copper, aluminum, and lead.  As the metals were removed from his body, he was able to get off every one of his medications.  The pain continues to diminish, and he is ‘up and running,’ functioning normally and productively in his chosen field.
This amazing turnaround took place in only five weeks here! 
Specific metal drainage – which is only one of many aspects of Nutrition Response Testing – is frequently the answer to many ailments.”
Needless to say, Ken was only too willing to make the necessary dietary changes that would both hasten and extend his remarkable improvement.  We find that this is always the case – those who are fully committed to their customized program experience the highest level of success.
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