Meat matters


For our Kitchen Q. and A. today, we’re featuring questions we have been frequently asked over the years.

Q. What is the best meat to eat?

A. Healthy meat means “Yes” to grass-fed (as in beef or lamb), free range (as in chickens or turkeys), wild-caught in the cleanest possible waters (as in fish). It also means “Yes” to organic feed for supplemental use.
On the other hand, healthy meat means “No” to antibiotics or hormones – which are used to inflate the animals’ weight quickly – and “No” to pesticided and GMO grain feeds and unnaturally confined lives in cages or dirt lots or fish farms. These negatives are passed on in various damaging ways to those who eat the meat.

Q. Where can I buy healthy meat?

A. Costco carries both organic ground beef and organic chickens and chicken parts. Trader Joe’s has the same, and some canned wild Alaskan salmon. Sprouts is another source. Check your local grocer, as well. Ralphs carries organic ground beef, and Albertsons has organic chicken. Certain farmers’ markets also carry organic meat – the Saturday market in Downey is one. As the popularity of eating more healthfully continues to grow, more commercial markets are listening and responding to the demand. That’s good, so keep asking them!

Q. But what if I can’t afford to buy healthy meat regularly?

A. That’s a valid concern, because organic meat does cost more than the “regular” kind. We believe it’s very important to prioritize this issue of healthful protein in your diet. Remember that quality trumps quantity here. Train yourself to live with smaller portions of meat – that will save money.
Another tip – as you clean up your diet in general, the unhealthful items you stop purchasing will free up a surprising amount of money for better things. For example: Eliminating five $7.00 trips to Starbuck’s each week means you have an extra $35.00 to spend on healthful food! With careful menu planning, that will feed your whole family with organic meat dinners for the week.


Speaking of eating…your “feedback” is always welcome! 🙂 Call us with any further questions or your comments at (562) 861-3896.

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