Changed name, same game

In recent years, the dangers of Aspartame have come to public notice, with the result that many people have been avoiding it. In hopes of regaining business, the manufacturer of this artificial sweetener has put a new face upon the product. You may now see it advertised as “AminoSweet.” But don’t be fooled! It’s still Aspartame.
This chemical calamity is known for its neurotoxic effects, causing brain and nerve damage, cancerous tumors, and glandular failure. Through intensive lobbying, it was granted FDA approval in 1974 – forty years ago! That’s how long it took for public awareness – and wariness – to reach the level that made Ajinomoto decide upon this new marketing scheme.
“Pure sweetness from amino acids” was the catch phrase they chose. Notice the clever deceptiveness of the word “pure” in this context. It can have two connotations:
1) only this item and nothing else – like “pure olive oil.” Nothing has been added. Pure sweetness fits this category – nothing but sweetness.
2) clean and untainted – like “pure drinking water.” No contaminants. Nothing that would hurt you.

Doesn’t “pure sweetness” give a subtle suggestion of the second meaning? It’s pure, so that means clean, natural and safe, right?
As the old saying goes, “Let the buyer beware.”
Tomorrow evening (Thursday the 20th) at 6:00 we’ll be having a class in the office. In view of the busy holiday season, Mrs. Thropay will be focusing on quick and easy healthful cooking. There will be food served that reflects this theme. All are welcome!
If you are interested in attending, please call and let Antonia know. There is a $5 fee for each attendee. Hope to see you there!
(562) 861-3896

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