Quiz: Guess the food


There is a one-word answer to this quiz. See if you can get it:
1) The seed is grown in overused, nutrient-depleted soil that has been treated with chemical fertilizers
2) The growing plant is sprayed frequently with chemical pesticides and fungicides
3) The harvested product is stored in bins and sprayed with a mercury-based preservative to keep out the rats and bugs
4) When it is ready to be used, the processing begins:
a. The fiber is removed to make the food product softer and prettier
b. Most of the nutrients are removed to prevent mold
c. The enzymes (needed for human digestion) are removed to further extend the shelf life of the food product
d. To produce a whiter product and to provide even more longevity on the shelf, the item is bleached with chlorine compounds
e. Chemical additives are introduced to prevent staleness down the road, and enhance the texture
f. A few artificial, laboratory-concocted, fractionated vitamins are added to supposedly atone for the total destruction of the nutrition in the food product from the above processing
5) The resulting product is creatively used in a hundred ways and is THE MAIN COMPONENT of the daily American diet, including many Mexican and Italian foods eaten here.
Most Americans eat 5-10 servings of this product every day. Nearly all of those servings also contain various forms of sugar, its favorite companion.
These food products are directly related to digestive and bowel disorders of many types, obesity, diabetes, neuro-toxic disorders such as autism, anxiety, and ADHD, and more.
We believe these products also indirectly contribute to many more serious disease conditions. Why? Not because the original food was “bad,” but because of the destructive growing and processing practices that convert the food from healthy to harmful…and because of the universal addiction to these products.

I’m sure most of you have already arrived at the answer.
The ubiquitous end product is white flour – found in bread of all kinds, plus in rolls, buns, biscuits, muffins, crackers, croissants, croutons, stuffing, churros, flour tortillas, pasta, pizza crust, pretzels, waffles, crepes, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, ice cream cones, fried chicken and fish, gravy mixes…and beyond.
The answer to the quiz is the original food – which was intended to nourish us instead of make us sick: wheat
We’re here to help! Call us anytime at (562) 861-3896.

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