How to handle…a​luminum


One of the three most common elements on earth, aluminum is chosen and extensively used by manufacturers for its ready availability plus its stability and ease to work with. The resulting numerous products are ever so convenient and seem almost to be necessities in this culture of ours!
The minus side is that aluminum has a bad habit of accumulating within the body – especially in certain areas. Although one of two exposures would not be harmful, unfortunately most of us absorb some every day – and the more frequently we ingest it, the more potential damage we incur.
– Aluminum deposits are often made in the bones – a causative factor in osteoporosis
– The brain is another favorite place – contributing to Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other auto-immune conditions
– Aluminum can accumulate in breast tissue – associated with cancer there
We absorb aluminum from a multitude of sources. Here is a partial list, and I’ll follow each item with proactive alternative suggestions for you in italics.
– anti-perspirants and sunscreens [Use a non-aluminum deodorant such as Lavilin. Read the labels on sunscreens and choose accordingly OR better yet, get some genuine benefit from the sun and just take Cataplex F perles regularly all summer to prevent burning]

– beverage cans [Drink only spring water or homemade juices]
– cooking utensils, whether at home or in restaurants [Use high-quality stainless steel pots and pans, and give your business to restaurants who do the same]

– foil in food preparation and storage [Use glass baking dishes, covered with another pan instead of foil in the oven. Bake potatoes in their skins smeared with olive oil. Avoid foil-baked potatoes or foil-wrapped take-out food. Ask for paper wrapping or a styro container with a paper lining between the food and the container. Never cook or store food in foil]
– vaccines – an aluminum compound is added to “make it work” [Avoid all flu vaccines, and take a hard look at the vaccination idea for infants. Focus instead on actively supporting your and your family’s immune systems]
The old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together,” and this is true of aluminum. It loves to hang out with its best buddy mercury, along with other heavy metals. These are often found in the same areas as other immune challenges, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. This is bad news for our bodies!
Our famous “two-pronged approach” in this clinic addresses the aluminum problem in two ways:

1) Carefully and strategically help your body drain out the offender(s)

2) Teach you how to stop putting it in, to give your body opportunity for healing and real wellness
We believe both factors are necessary to provide a complete preventive approach to handling aluminum.
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