Epidemics, part 2


In view of the current concerns over various powerful viruses out there, we feel it is worth underscoring last week’s newsletter topic today.

As you know, there are no “drugs” that can kill viruses. Your body’s immune system is the only weapon you have against them. Just as we would stormproof our homes against water and wind damage, so we must pay close attention to “virus-proofing” our immune systems, making sure they are in top working order.

If a hurricane-style storm were coming our way, what would you do?

Probably you would make sure all windows and doors were tightly closed. Loose screens would be tightened or removed. You would gather all movable objects from the yard and garden, and secure them indoors.

Your immune system needs to be protected like that from “leaks” that make you vulnerable to damage. These come from chronically accepting immune-suppressing items into your body, such as nutrient-depleted food products, chemicals and heavy metals from various sources (as discussed last week). Such habits create a welcoming environment for viruses in your body. Your weakened immune system will be more readily overcome by the invaders. Time to act!

But when there is an eminent weather threat, you will do even more to protect your home and family. You’ll make sure there is enough food, water, and other supplies stocked to last for several days if necessary.

That’s like providing your immune system with the tools that enable it to function freely and give you the best possible protection against a viral threat. You know what those tools are:

– a diet of whole, natural, LIVING foods that bring multiple nutrients “to the table” – the building blocks your immune system requires to keep you strong

– immune-enhancing concentrated whole-food supplements

– immune-supporting natural herbs, both in food and in supplement form

These supplements and herbs are Cataplex A-C-P, Cataplex D, Congaplex, Immuplex, Andrographis, Astragalus, Echinacea, peppermint, and others. The best way to know which ones YOUR body needs is to come to Susana and be checked.

Enzymes also play a big part in good immune health. Eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) means most of the ingested food has had the enzymes removed from it, which puts an enormous digestive load chronically on the body, and, guess what? knocks down the ability of the immune system to function.

So it’s very likely that you would be greatly benefited by including digestive enzymes in your daily intake. Since every body is different, individual requirements and the appropriate products vary considerably. Again, Susana can help you with this.

The drawback with our little storm analogy today is the time factor – a storm is a temporary thing. Strengthening and supporting your immune system is very much a long term project. We cannot overemphasize how vital it is that you start NOW and KEEP AT IT!


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