Don’t “fall” for an epidemic this autumn


The bad news: Enteroviruses, new flu strains, and more…how can you escape becoming one of the statistics?
The good news: You were born with an immune system that was pre-programmed to protect you from pathogens that would knock you down…AND this amazing system has already saved your life numerous times!
The bad news: In our current culture, many factors that enter our bodies actually suppress the immune system, and keep it from functioning optimally. That puts us at higher risk for any epidemic.
The good news: You can consciously change this situation and strengthen your immunity.
Immuno-suppressants enter our bodies primarily by three portals: the lungs, the skin, and the mouth.
Aside from the smoggy air that we can’t control, the lungs and skin portals can be helped by the “pitch and switch” method – to a natural products lifestyle. Discard all household cleaning AND body-care products that contain toxic chemicals, and replace them with “green” and non-toxic products. (For details on this, please contact our office.)
By far, the greatest “portal of entry” is our mouths. The “pitch and switch” method is also VERY important here! Our mouths have become dumping grounds for things that deprive or deplete our bodies of crucial nutrients that are necessary for immune function. These include the following and more:
– processed, convenience foods, which are already nutritionally defunct
– pharmaceuticals – the more you take, the more compromise to your immune system
– heavy metals that come from

a) cooking with aluminum pans and foil

b) dental amalgams made with mercury

c) some organic foods and herbs that are grown in China
The primary solution is to switch to a diet as free from chemicals and additives as is possible to obtain – locally grown organic vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, and raw dairy.
Another serious immune-suppressant is chronic sleep deprivation. That definitely needs to be corrected, too. Suggestion: Insomnia is often a by-product of a nutritional or chiropractic problem. (We can help!)
And finally, emotional stress has a “depressing” effect upon the immune system. As many other positive factors as possible need to be in place, to assist the body to deal with the stress without knocking down the immune system to a dangerous level.
The good news is that ALL of the above negatives can be changed, turned around, helped. It takes YOUR commitment to make the difference. But the pay-off makes it all well worthwhile!
Call us for appointments or any questions and comments, at (562)861-3896.

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