VSD, anyone?

Recent statistics report that one in every 68 children in America has a form of VSD – Vaccine Spectrum Disorder, also called the Autism Spectrum.   Giving this figure a little context, the comparative stat from 1990 was one in 10,000 children
Why such a shocking, skyrocketing number of affected children?
The answer is in the definition.  Children get this disorder from receiving too many vaccines too close together.  [Remember that each vaccine is a combination of viruses, bacteria, and toxic ingredients that are intended to force the immune response.]  During the past 25 years, the number and frequency of doses has dramatically increased…and so have the statistics for VSD.
For those who hear the ‘standard’ assertion that there is no connection between vaccines and the Autism Spectrum – that autism really has not increased, but was just not diagnosed as much – let’s consider two simple questions: 
        1. If only one in 10,000 was diagnosed then, versus one in 68 now, did ‘we’ miss or misdiagnose the other 9932 people out of every 10,000?
         2. If the same number of people were autistic in the ’60s and ’70s as there are today, WHERE are all the autistic adults in the 40-50+ age bracket (one in every 68)?
I think these questions answer themselves. 
What makes today’s aggressive vaccination program so dangerous?
1. The repeated barrage of toxic ingredients, which include mercury (thimerosal), aluminum phosphate (increases the toxicity of mercury), formaldehyde (carcinogenic fluid used for embalming dead bodies) MSG (when injected it becomes a neurotoxin, causing brain disorders and damage) and several others
2. The numerous potential effects upon infants and toddlers – not autism alone, but also dyslexia, immunological problems, ear infections, brain injuries and more.  The generic quality of this program means that a 5-pound preemie receives the same multiple dosage as a 50-pound five-year-old.  Does that make sense to you? 
3. The lifelong tragedy of autism in a child – drastically and permanently changing his/her own life, plus that of the parents or caregivers.  Not something to lightly risk. 
It’s important for parents to know that “No shots, no school” is NOT the bottom line that you’ve been led to believe it is. You can legally avoid vaccinations and still send your children to school, using philosophical OR religious exemption These are allowed in all states, but you have to ask.  Sometimes it’s simply signing a form – in California this is usually found on the back of the standard vaccination record form. 
A tidbit for adults:  Did you know that the CDC advises on the flu insert not to get more than ONE flu shot in a lifetime?
We hope this gives you some “food for thought” today!
[Sources for some of the above information include Dr. Tedd Koren, Dr. Bruce West, and S.D. Wells.]
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