The Dismal of ‘Bismol…​and other antacids

Acid indigestion is one of the most common complaints in America. Because it is often blamed on “too much stomach acid,” millions of antacids are swallowed every day.  In fact, many of those are actually doctors’ prescriptions!  The rest are bought over the counter for symptomatic relief.
Funny – with all these remedies, acid digestion never really goes away.  That’s because the REAL problem is not too much but too little stomach acid!  
Does that sound paradoxical to you?
Here’s what happens. The human stomach is designed to produce acid in response to food that enters it. This acid in turn becomes pepsin, an enzyme which is necessary to digest proteins, carbs, and fats.  When this digestive process takes place in the stomach, the food mass is then passed into the small intestine in a timely manner – under normal conditions.
BUT – due to the enzyme-deficient diet that is constantly consumed by most people. stomach acid often becomes deficient. Food that lacks the necessary nutrients causes a negative type of chain reaction:
1) Stomach acid production is not stimulated as it would be if corresponding enzymes were in the food 
2) Proteins, carbs, and fats therefore cannot be properly digested in the stomach
3) The food mass sits in the stomach, waiting for the problem to be corrected and the process completed, instead of passing through to the intestines
4) The food then begins to ferment (like rotting), which creates acidic gasses in the stomach
5) These gasses rise and take the reverse route back into the esophagus, causing symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux.
The medical treatment for this situation is antacids – that is, “Let’s suppress the acid production in your stomach so these gasses are not formed – voila, no heartburn!” However, your stomach has been programmed to do its job, and that job is to maintain a specific pH balance.   SO…taking the antacid stimulates the stomach to produce MORE acid to correct the pH imbalance..
                    …and the cycle simply repeats itself, getting more and more difficult to live with as symptoms worsen.
Additionally, if food is not digested, the nutrients in it are not absorbed or utilized.  When nutrients are not absorbed, the body is deprived of the necessary building blocks for good health.  Any number of disease conditions will result from this domino effect  These will eventually get bad enough to be “diagnosed”…and treated with toxic medications that often bring a slew of other problems. 
Does it make any sense to fight against the body and make things worse – much worse – by taking anticids?  
The REAL problem is relatively uncomplicated, and it’s so easy to correct!
Take a few simple steps to start restoring your stomach to its normal functioning capability, and you can kiss “Aunt Acid” goodbye!
a) Be evaluated by Susana for digestive support products such as Zypan or Enzycore from Standard Process.  These provide natural enzymes that stimulate normal acid production and quickly smooth out digestive problems.
b) Avoid processed, refined food products – particularly anything containing sugar or flour.  These have had the nutrients and enzymes removed from them to increase their shelf life.
c) Eat only whole, real foods that contain their full complement of nutrients.
You will wonder how you ever lived before!
Have a wholesome, healthy weekend, everyone.
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