“Thropay Health Center has helped me gain a healthier lifestyle and has enabled me to become a better athlete.”  C.K.
C.K. is one of our Nutrition clients.  As she noted, her improved lifestyle from her customized nutrition program has resulted in better performance as an athlete. 
Chiropractic also ‘plays’ an important ‘position’ on the athletic ‘field.’  Here are enlightening testimonials from a couple of professionals:
Gerald Wilkins, New York Knicks – “My shooting has improved because of chiropractic.  I feel more balanced and have more coordination and control.  Since I have been under chiropractic care, I have improved by leaps and bounds.”
Dan O’Brien, Olympic Declathlete – “Chiropractic is essential for running.  If I could put a percentage value on it, I would say that I compete 8-10% better from regular Chiropractic.”
Not a professional athlete?  Whether or no, the same guidelines apply to any and all who wish to have that winning edge. 
Here are a few tips for you to naturally and healthfully improve your game and help prevent injuries:
1) During the game, drink “nature’s Gatorade,” which is NOT Gatorade nor PowerAde, but coconut water to replace lost electrolytes.  Get a plain, unsweetened brand, such as from Trader Joe’s, with no additives.  You may even start a new healthy trend for your team!
2) Take supplements that support both ligaments and heart – specifically, Ligaplex I and Cardio-Plus from Standard Process (sold here).  Both of these are  concentrated whole food supplements, of course. They should be taken with meals and be a daily part of your diet during the athletic season, at least.  It’s a good idea to see our Nutrition practitioner Susana for the specific amounts and/or other products that would fit your case.
3) Take particular care with your everyday diet.  Concentrate on organic, whole, real foods – particularly vegetables and grass-fed meat – and avoid the junk.  
4) Keep your body structure in place and balanced with regular chiropractic care from Dr. Lam.    Although they can’t all come here :), you’ll be in step with an estimated “90% of world class athletes (who) use chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and to improve their performance.” [Quote from Sean Atkins, PhD. Exercise Physiologist.]
Following these tips may well bring you surprising results in your game.  In any case, you will be a winner when it comes to your health and fitness!
Speaking of athletics, our promo for August and September is a special discounted price of $25 for school sports physicals!  Dr. Lam will perform the physical and fill in the required form.  Please call us for an appointment at
Enjoy the weekend, and try to keep cool!

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