…and here’s another happy one!

“Before I came here, I had numerous sinus infections.  I could hardly go a whole month without having to take a course of antibiotics.

Since starting my customized Nutrition Response Testing program nearly 4 months ago, I haven’t had ANY sinus infections. I am so grateful to not need any antibiotics in all this time.  Thanks!”   M.D.
And thank YOU, M.D., for sharing this wonderful news with all of us!
Dr. Isaac Jennings once said, “There is no healing force outside of the human body.”  
That statement sums up our philosophy at Thropay Health Center.  Sometimes we say, “Our bodies are pre-programmed to self-heal.”  We have profound respect for the body’s amazing central command center. Healing and maintaining optimal health is one of the brain’s major functions.
Everything we do here is designed to work with this principle of the body being its own healing factory.  As Dr. Royal Lee put it, “[our] basic…philosophy…is to cooperate with nature.”  That is why he believed so strongly in chiropractic as a means of keeping the neuro-pathways clear for the transmission of brain messages.  And that is why he spent much of his life growing organic foods and making them into concentrated whole-food supplements.  His farm and supplements are called Standard Process. 
It is thanks to Dr. Lee’s meticulous research that we have the principles and tools for diet and health that we now use in Nutrition Response Testing.  We believe that given the necessary conditions, the body will produce its own cure.  
For those who follow their programs consistently, no one can argue with the results!
Please call us anytime at (562) 861-3896, or email us at this address.  See you soon!

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