What a success story!

Often, our patients “say it better” than we can.  Here’s a delightful example that speaks for itself:
“When I first came to see Susana for Nutrition Response Testing, I was battling constant fatigue, and I continually ached all over.  A daily nap was essential for me just to keep going.   I was so tired of being tired!
Nights were miserable, too, because I didn’t sleep well.  I kept waking up throughout the night.
My customized nutritional program included some big dietary changes, along with several specific, concentrated whole-food supplements.  In just a few weeks, I had so much more energy.  I was sleeping very well at night, and it was great to be able to get through the day without aching all over.  The old daily nap was no longer needed!
My body proved to be extremely sensitive to certain food items which were key in causing my health problems.   I had some BIG setbacks in my healing when I would eat something from my “no-no” list.    Eventually, after several ups and downs, I settled into being totally strict with my diet and faithful with the entire program.
This dedicated commitment certainly has paid off.  Now I’ve reached the point where my body is healed so well, and my diet is so pure, that I no longer need any supplements!
I can truly say that everything was well worth it!”
Our special thanks to R.D. for sharing her story with us all.  It is inspiring to see her now with a constant bright smile, in place of the sadness that formerly characterized her as she tried to cope with a busy life while feeling physically ill.  Needless to say, her family is thrilled at the difference, too!
Do you know anyone who needs just such a turnaround?  Bring them in this month and take advantage of our July promo – $10 off your $50 purchase from us.  Please call us for a convenient appointment time, and for more details about the promo.

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