Did You Have a sparkling, sizzling 4th of July!?

As we return from our Independence Day weekend, let’s remember the sacrifice and high cost that went into procuring the many freedoms we enjoy in America. Too often we just take them for granted, forgetting that it is our responsibility to protect and maintain these priceless gifts.

Isn’t that a lot like good health? How easy it is to assume we will always have it! It may be only when something diminishes our wellness that we appreciate what we once had.

How much better it is to act NOW to improve and preserve the health we have! The key is taking personal responsibility for our own health, rather than assuming or expecting that someone else will do it for us.

We want EVERYONE to experience the wonderful benefits that result from following our customized Nutrition program. Let our July promo help you encourage somebody (as well as yourself!) to achieve a level of wellness that they may not even realize they are missing.

Refer someone new to our office during July, and we will say “Thank You” with $10 off your $50 purchase here. (Services excluded) Purchases may include supplements, honey, cookbooks, pancake mix, and wave shields for your phones (protection from radiation).

We hope you ALL had a Happy and healthful Independence Day weekend!

We’re here at (562) 861-3896

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