Looking for a PERFECT GIFT that really shows how much you care?

Looking for a PERFECT GIFT that really shows how much you care?  How about a gift card for a full-hour massage at Thropay Health Center?  Or for nutrition or chiropractic services? 
Our terms are very flexible – you choose the amount, your special person chooses the service.  Here are our amazingly low prices:
           Full-hour Massage    $40
           Initial Nutritional visit, which includes services for the second visit – $69
           Initial Chiropractic visit – $69
Subsequent visits are $40 for Nutrition and $55 for Chiropractic…not to mention our excellent pre-pay programs which give additional savings!
We hear a lot about “Women’s Health,” and maybe a little less about “Men’s Health.”  One risk that both men and women share in common is potential disruption of their endocrine systems.  These glands control the levels and performance of hormones in the body.
Today let’s focus on just ONE of the endocrine glands – the thyroid.  This small gland has a big job description that includes weight control, by regulating the body’s fat storage and fat burning processes. 
If the internal climate of the body makes the thyroid work harder, the person develops a condition called hyperthyroidism.  When the thyroid slows down, the condition is called hypothyroidism.  Both mean “trouble.” 
Although SOY products are said to be low-carb, low-fat, low-glycemic, and high protein, and touted as healthy foods, they are actually very hard on the thyroid gland.
           a) Over time, they cause hypothyroidism – this comes with weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, and often depression, anxiety, bi-polar and similar conditions resulting from the hormonal imbalance
            b) Estrogenization results from the phytoestrogens (called isoflavones) in soy.  In women, this can increase the risk of breast cancer, among other things.  In men, the imbalance created by this “mimic” estrogen affects their testosterone-estrogen ratio.
Some short-term studies show that eating soy stimulates the thyroid to overwork itself (hyperthyroidism) with a temporary effect of increased metabolism, energy, and weight loss.  This seems exciting at first glance.  However, that type of thyroid stress soon exhausts the gland, and sends it into permanent hypothyroidism. 
The medications given to individuals who are considered to have hypothyroidism come with their own complications. 
First, many times the individual is actually experiencing an overworking thyroid, despite the blood test analysis! Our specialized Nutrition Response Testing will reveal this, and we will show the person appropriate steps so the body can correct the situation on its own.   Taking the medication would only stimulate the thyroid further, thus compounding the problem. 
Second, as with any medication that has the goal of achieving the “right” numbers on a blood test, the actual cause(s) of the thyroid gland’s problem is never addressed.  Instead, the thyroid is artificially forced to do something it is not ready to do – but WOULD do under the right conditions. 
Giving the body the climate and tools for good health is the best way to ensure a balanced thyroid function.  It just makes sense to us!
Your feedback is always valued.  Call us anytime at (562) 861-3896.

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