Which 50% is YOUR category?

Did you notice an article recently in Time magazine that updated us on the use of prescription drugs in America?

According to their statistics, 50% of Americans are taking at least one prescription drug every day.   That’s bad news!  because all drugs are toxic by definition.  The “game” is that the daily dose of poison will hopefully be out-matched by the intended benefit.  But, because symptom suppression never corrects the underlying cause of a health challenge, this is a game that you are almost guaranteed to lose!
The good news is that the other 50% of Americans are NOT on at least one prescription drug every day.  If you fall into that category, you are still on the winning side.  And you can work at staying that way!
How can you personally continue to defy these dismal statistics?  “Let me count the ways”:
1) Make sure everything you eat is nourishing without negatives
2) Drink only spring water or plain herbal teas
3) Come for Nutrition Response Testing to eliminate the toxic stressors that are already present in the body, learn how to avoid them, and get the dietary guidance that your body demands
4) Come for regular chiropractic care to keep your body structure balanced and avoid impingement upon the nervous system (the message network)
5) Come for regular therapeutic massage to get extra help in flushing out toxins from the muscles, and for the huge relaxation benefit to your whole system
6) Follow a simple daily exercise program such as walking, even for a few minutes
7) Prioritize great health in your mind as a bright, positive picture each day, so you won’t be side-tracked.  After all, what are any other goals worth if you don’t have the health to attain them?
By the way, if you are in the OTHER 50%, please don’t feel left out!  YOU can also achieve wonderful things by putting into practice the above suggestions, while taking the medications.  Getting to the cause(s) of your health challenges may significantly change the picture for you.  
June is “Pamper Dad” month at Thropay Health Center, so how about purchasing a gift card for that special man in your life?  It may well be the best Father’s Day gift he has ever received!  
Gift cards are available for all services in our office, and you can choose the amount.    Call us at (562) 861-3896.

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