Have you heard…

…about the new cholesterol recommendations?
For decades, cholesterol has been one of the KEY words in any health discussion.
“The doctor says everything else is pretty normal, but my cholesterol is high, so I have to take …..” 
“High” has meant that LDL (the ‘bad’ kind) registers over 100 mg/DL.  Ideally, the goal has been to get or keep that number under 100 – to prevent heart disease, right?
Uh – wrong! 
NOW there is big news from the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:
1) Stop trying to lower LDL cholesterol to 100 or below
2) There is no evidence to support that practice
3) Don’t make any recommendation at all for specific LDL lowering – for anyone
(This information, thanks to Dr. Bruce West, comes from a report by NJ Stone, J Robinson, AH Lichtenstein, et al; written in 2013 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and other publications)
So – if it’s not true that we can take a magic pill to reduce our risk of heart disease from high cholesterol, what CAN we do? 
1) First, understand that cholesterol production is a natural body function and is absolutely necessary for optimum health.  It needs to be encouraged – not discouraged – and balanced naturally by the body itself.
2) Secondly – if your numbers are abnormal, come to Susana and be evaluated to learn what is interfering with your body’s ability to keep you healthy…and follow her recommendations religiously to correct that problem.
3) EAT ONLY NATURAL WHOLE FOODS – the “normal” American diet of refined and fast foods is criminally deficient in nutrients that nurture your blood and coronary vessels, and in nutrients that protect and feed your heart and nerves.
4) Come to Susana anyway, because eating all the right things is only HALF of the equation.  The toxic stressors within your body must also be identified and removed, as the other half of healing and good health.  
It’s fun and it’s easy to do!  You’ll be glad you took personal responsibility for your health, instead of depending solely upon the “symptom stompers” whose rules keep changing. 
Call us anytime for an appointment with Susana, Dr. Lam, or Elvira, at (562) 861-3896.

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