Only a couple days left in May. Call us to get in on our special of the month. A full-hour therapeutic massage comes with 25% extra time – what a deal! (562) 861-3896

Our country has suffered much less than many others have from outside threats and attacks.  That’s one big reason to be thankful!  It’s also a reminder to say “Thank you,” even silently, to those who DID pay the ultimate price to defend us.
Planning to heat up the barbecue this weekend?  Be sure to visit your local farmers’ market and find organic or no-pesticide veggies for grilling – red and yellow peppers, sweet onions, mushrooms, baby beets…try them all!  Homemade burgers made from Costco’s organic ground beef will amaze your guests with their rich flavor. And remember to look for nitrite-free hot dogs. (Applegate Farms is one brand. 
We’d like to share with you some recent comments from a couple of happy patients.
The first one came to Susana for dizziness, nausea, and frequent migraines.  In less than a week, the dizziness and nausea were gone.  The migraines have lessened in both intensity and frequency.  PLUS there are two bonuses:  
    a) a chronic problem with IBS is 100% gone – after 15 years of misery!
    b) 25 pounds of weight have dropped off nearly effortlessly!
The second patient is thanking Susana for her help, having experienced a substantial drop in her high cholesterol count in just a few months.  We love her concluding comment about our customized nutrition program:
           “It’s worth it because it works!”  
Be encouraged on your journey to great health, and please continue to spread the word!

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