Is Cancer Preventabl​e?

We are all only too aware of that big “C” word, and the fear that it invokes in anyone who is diagnosed with it. Who wants to “go there”?
Because the medical treatments for cancer are so aggressive and invasive – often fatal, in fact! – it just makes sense to think seriously about prevention.   But is it possible to actually prevent cancer?  Isn’t it something mysterious that just hits without warning?
There are still some things yet to be learned about certain types of cancer.  But EVERY disease condition, cancer included, has a similar bottom line:  Something has interfered with the body’s natural healing and maintenance processes. 
That “something” may actually be several factors whose combined effects overpower the body’s positive forces.  Prevention, therefore, involves the simple principle of avoiding and removing ALL known interferences to good health.
Along with avoiding the negatives, we need to add in the positives that the body requires in order to function well.  So here’s your two-pronged prevention approach:
        Foods are body fuel. Keep your fuel top quality by eating only those items that occur in nature, as close to their original state as possible.
              a) Organic produce – vegetables, potatoes, and fruits
b) Grass-fed red meats, free range chickens, wild-caught fish, no-soy eggs, raw milk cheese, butter, and raw milk (not pasteurized)
              c) Non-GMO, organic whole grain products, such as brown rice, buckwheat, and the “un-grain” quinoa
              d) raw honey as a sweetener
              e) pure spring water or herb teas
It goes without saying that these are all unprocessed or unrefined, REAL foods.
           Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., has spent a lifetime in cancer research.  He identified several items that he found were present in EVERY tumor case he studied:
               a) Heavy metals, particularly mercury and/or aluminum, plus others.  These enter the body via flu vaccines and childhood vaccinations, wheat storage preservatives, dental amalgams, deodorants, foil and aluminum cookware…etc.
               b) Sugar – the cancer patient’s body has been struggling with sugar issues (could include fake sugars as well)
               c) An immune challenge that has never been fully resolved.  This could take the form of a virus (most commonly), bacteria, fungus, or parasites.  These little things hide out in the body, and often are found in the same areas as the heavy metals.  Bad guys, working together to eventually do you in!
The only comprehensive and effective way we know for identifying and handling these “triggers” is via Nutrition Response Testing.  These interferences will show up, usually in order of priority, in the evaluations as you follow your customized program.  You will learn WHAT they are, WHERE they are, and HOW to best assist their exit from your body.    Now that’s impressive!
Other preventive tips are to avoid unnecessary radiation, such as in routine dental X-rays, CAT scans, or mammograms (unless there is a special circumstance);  and to keep your body in balance with regular chiropractic adjustments, thus allowing your nerve network to function without hindrance.
While nothing is guaranteed, we believe that following this approach faithfully will give you the best chance of stopping cancer before it starts.  It’s also an excellent plan for someone who is already diagnosed. 
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