Happy Easter

Someone recently said, “The Resurrection is what makes Good Friday good.” Now that’s a “good” point (pardon the pun) and something to ponder!  

Easter weekend usually includes a family get-together, too.  Once again, if there is a potluck, those who consistently eat healthfully will want to contribute something good to the meal.  If ham is always on your family’s Easter menu, consider getting an uncured ham from Trader Joe’s.  This is a way to avoid the harmful sodium nitrites that “regular” hams always contain.  
Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a side salad that will bring color and nutrition to your meal:
4 organic full-sized carrots
6 organic radishes
3-4 tbsp. fresh mint leaves
3-4 tbsp. fresh cilantro
2 organic navel oranges
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. real organic maple syrup OR raw honey
1/2 organic lemon, juiced
sea salt to taste
Slice carrots and radishes as thinly as possible and place in a mixing bowl.  Add mint and cilantro (snip the leaves if desired).  Working over a small bowl to catch the juice, peel the oranges and separate the segments.  Cut segments in half and add them to the vegetables.  Combine the cinnamon, syrup or honey, lemon juice, and sea salt. Mix well to dissolve the salt.  Pour over the vegetables and toss gently.  May be served at once, or refrigerated before serving. You may wish to double the recipe if you have a crowd!
Spring break is still happening for some schools in the area.  It’s a great opportunity to bring your children for a nutritional or chiropractic “tune-up”!
The box for our April drawing is accumulating some names – and there is still time for YOU to get in on the fun!  You may win a $50 Visa gift card (first prize) or a full-hour therapeutic massage from Elvira (second prize), simply by referring someone new to us during April.

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