Better Health is “Equal-Opp​ortunity”!

So many times old age is used as an excuse not to seek better health.  

“Oh, I have arthritis, and I’ll just have to live with it.”
“Nutrition can’t help me now. I’m too old.”
We’ve all heard people say such things, right?  Yet, the same people will often willingly accept 5-10 toxic medications which cause, in turn, a downward spiral effect on their health.  
But of course, senior citizens are not alone in making excuses for not actively involving themselves in seeking genuine health improvement. 
As Dr. Hal Crowe is fond of saying, “We are all a portrait of our own histories.”  What he means is that lifestyle, diet, injuries, occupation, etc. all contribute to our current health status.  
If that is true, so is the opposite!  We can significantly improve our personal health level by changing our lifestyle and diet, and maintaining structural integrity.  That’s the message of our office with customized nutrition, chiropractic, and massage therapy.  And it’s really not that hard!  And the rewards are unbeatable!
Many of you “get” that, and we want your help to spread the message to others. One way is to qualify for our SPRING DRAWING by referring someone new to our office in April.  The grand prize is a $50 Visa gift card!  There will also be TWO second prizes of a free one-hour massage from Elvira (value $40 each).
So, get YOUR name in the box this month by bringing or sending someone to us for nutrition, chiropractic, OR massage therapy.  Your name will be entered EACH time you refer someone who comes in for our services.
Thank you for your help!  We appreciate each of our wonderful clients.
Our number is (562) 861-3896.

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