Your Microbiome – Billions of Bugs!

The National Institute for Health is sponsoring “The Microbiome Project” in multiple centers across America…Science News declared microbiome research to be the Number One scientific story of the year in 2013…

                      …Now what on earth is all the fuss about? And what is a microbiome, anyway?
Simply put, this term covers the “billions of germs, bacteria, and microbes that are…in your skin, your mouth, all over the inside of your body, and in your gut (small and large intestines).” (Dr. David West)  The vast majority of these are in the gut.
These invisible organisms have a strong collective influence on the body’s health.  A healthy gut will have a diverse population of friendly bacteria.  A sick one will have fewer friendly bacteria, both in number and in kind.  The diversity and the balance are very important. 
Having insufficient friendly bacteria in the gut makes way for “enemy” bacteria to flourish and take over – leading to any number of health problems: chronic gut pain, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, irritable bowel, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, auto-immune disease…and more.
One major cause of an unhealthy microbiome is overuse of antibiotics.  So it is no surprise that Americans in general suffer more from these conditions than people in other cultures.  You don’t ever take antibiotics?   But we ingest some when we eat meat, chicken, or fish who have been injected with them, perhaps multiple times, and pass on the “benefit” to the consumers.  (Organically raised animals and wild Alaskan fish are the way to go here.)  
The good news is that there ARE ways to ensure and/or rebuild a healthy and diverse population of friendly flora in your body. 
1) Come for Nutrition Response Testing, to learn what is preventing your body from staying healthy.  In MANY cases, digestive disorders show up in the analysis, and Susana will guide you in correcting this problem.
2) Eat a diet of whole foods in their natural state.  The naturally occurring fiber in vegetables and fruit, and the nutrients in fermented foods, raw milk cheese, and free-range eggs all contribute to gut health.  Processed and fast foods destroy the good guys and help the bad guys!
Last chance to pick up a 21-day Purification Program kit at our promo price of 15% off!  Call us by the 31st of March to make your purchase on time.  
Our number is (562) 861-3896.

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