… At the end of my first pregnancy, my baby was breeched. She had tried to turn around 3 times, but could not fit into the birth canal, due to my misaligned hip structure. Dr. Thropay corrected this hip problem in a chiropractic visit, and showed us how to maintain the correction. Within two days I felt the baby turn and enter the canal correctly. When I went to my medical doctor the next day, he confirmed that the baby had turned, and he expressed amazement and wonder! I was able to have a natural childbirth experience shortly thereafter. Baby Katie safely entered the world without any need for surgery or other intervention!

After this joyful event, it was such a letdown that the baby seemed to be born with health problems that made her life (and our lives) miserable. Katie continually vomited after every feeding, probably losing at least 50% of her food each day. She cried and screamed in pain almost constantly. The longest she could sleep was 15-20 minutes at a time. I myself was also experiencing stomach aches.

When Dr. Thropay evaluated us nutritionally, he found some serious food reactions and digestive malfunctions that needed to be addressed. When I made the prescribed corrections to my diet and began taking the necessary whole food supplements, my own health quickly improved…and the change in my nursing baby was nothing short of dramatic! She became calm and contented – no more vomiting and crying with pain. She began to sleep several hours through the night, and her naps are now usually 30 to 60 minutes in length. She is gaining weight normally. The difference is like night and day! … –

Rebekah Ward

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