Why avoid GMO’s?


Are the “Frankenfoods” really all that bad?  You decide!

Cross breeding in animals and grafting or hybridizing in plants are practices that have been around for thousands of years.  The modern practice of artificially inserting a gene into the DNA of a plant or animal started only 16 years ago, and there are significant differences in both the purpose and the results.
One difference is the crossover between the two major kingdoms of organisms – plants and animals – instead of remaining inside the same kingdom, genus, species and family.   One of the first Genetic Modifications was Monsanto’s insertion of a bacteria (animal kingdom) into a tomato (plant kingdom).    The purpose of this – and of 80% of all genetically engineered crops – is for greater tolerance of pesticides. To a company like Monsanto, who owns both the seeds and the pesticide industry, this means bigger crops and more money.
BUT this cycle results:  More herbicide sprays = an epidemic of resistant “super-weeds” developing = even more herbicide sprays = all the toxic residues end up in the foods they are sprayed upon and in the water supply due to run-off from watering…
…with what effects upon humans and animals that eat these foods and drink the water?  The health risks are serious.   In humans – infertility, accelerated aging, organ damage, and cancer.  In pets and livestock – reproductive and gastrointestinal issues.  And powerful insecticides used on GM corn seeds are at least partly responsible for the destruction of so many bees recently. 
Staying away from GM foods is the best way to make the difference to your own health personally, improve the environment for everyone, and to help get the message across to the Big Food corporations.  Buy only organic or verified non-GMO products.
Here are the 9 best-known GM food crops:
Corn (corn oil, cornmeal, cornstarch, corn syrup, and more)
Soybeans (soybean or “vegetable” oil, soy protein, tofu, many “vegetarian” products
Canola (oil – unless verified non-GMO)
Cottonseed (oil)
Sugar Beets (in nearly everything that says sugar in the list of ingredients)
Alfalfa (fed to livestock)
Papaya from Hawaii and China
Some Zucchini and Yellow squash
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