Time to spring clean!

Are you a person who loves to make your home clean and shiny each spring? What about your “body-house”?  It deserves your best attention, too!

Our spring promo will help.  For the month of March, we are emphasizing the amazing 21-day Purification Program produced by Standard Process.  We consider this program important enough to offer you a 15% discount off the kit price!
“Why do I need purifying?”  Thank you for asking. 🙂   Here are a few reasons why you might consider taking this step:
– For weight management – this is the best program we know of that takes off unnecessary pounds while improving your health and bringing a “glow” to your face
– To support and enhance the removal of toxins that your body longs to be rid of.  Did you know there are about 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S.?  The CDC reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies.  Most people’s “toxic elimination team” is overwhelmed and needs help.  (Your liver, kidneys, small and large intestines make up the team.)
– To kick-start yourself to a better lifestyle for your health.  This cleansing program helps change and eliminate the harmful food cravings we develop.  Your taste buds will come alive, and you will end up enjoying foods you have previously disliked – such as vegetables.  Truly!  That makes “eating right” so much easier, as an ongoing way of life.
There are 3 ways you can go with this Program in March:
1) Purchase the kit at the 15% discount and do the program on your own
2) Purchase the kit at the 15% discount and come to Susana at least twice during the 21 days, for monitoring and accountability.  This will not only help to keep you on track and get your best return for the investment, but it may also reveal health issues you were unaware you had (until they start to go away!)
3) Purchase the kit at the 15% discount, and pay an additional $9.95 to receive daily online support from Standard Process through our clinic.  You will learn what reactions you may experience each day, how to handle any food challenges that may come up…and you will get helpful recipes and other tips.  
The choice is yours!  And we are here to support you 100%, whatever you choose to do.
Just a couple more things:
a) Occasionally, someone’s body is TOO toxic to handle the Purification Program immediately. We strongly recommend that you come for Susana to evaluate you and make sure you are ready to start, before beginning.
b) For patients who have done the 21-day Purification Program before, it’s a great maintenance tool!  Don’t hesitate to repeat the program at least annually.
Please call us for questions or appointments at (562)861-3896.

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