Healthy Heart Tips With Thropay Chiropractic!

The old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies to heart disease – still the Number One killer in America.
One general rule is to eat plenty of foods containing the fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, and K.  These nutrients work together to prevent the calcification of plaque in arteries – which is considered the cause of heart disease.  Sadly, the commonly accepted dietary principles we’ve heard all our lives actually LIMIT our intake of these vital nutrients.  The low-fat diet is a big offender here.  No wonder heart disease is so prevalent!
Here are some of your best food sources for putting Vitamins A, D, and K to work for your heart health:
organ meats from grass-fed or free-range animals
animal fats from grass-fed red meats and whole raw milk (not pasteurized milk, because  the pasteurization process destroys the enzymes in the milk that enable us to assimilate its nutrients such as calcium and these vitamins)
pure, unrefined cod liver oil (best obtained from Standard Process or Green Pastures)
organic leafy green and other brightly colored vegetables
butter, eggscoconut oil, avocados (avoid all modern “vegetable” oils)
– spending lots of time in sunshine and fresh air  (for the L.A. area, especially on the beach, where the air is most fresh)
A healthy heart is fundamental to a healthy body.  And remember, “the heart eats first” !  Feed your heart well with only real, whole foods and concentrated whole-food supplements…and focus on tuning up your digestion, which is another key component in achieving good health. 
We are here to help, and your comments are always welcome!
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