SEVERE KNEE PAIN? Dr. Thropay Can Help!



Before I came to see Dr. Thropay, I had a very bad knee. Due to a fall, I had a torn meniscus nerve. I had surgery to repair it, but the surgery was unsuccessful. As a result, I had much pain daily. To be able to function at all, I was on a lot of painkillers, but even then, I was always exhausted, depressed, and not wanting to get out of bed.

Now, with Dr. Thropay’s regimen of nutrition and concentrated whole food supplements, I no longer need any painkillers! My knee doesn’t hurt at all. I can go up and down stairs easily now, which I could rarely do before. More than that – I am energetic, active, and getting healthier day by day.

I was scheduled to have another knee surgery, but now it is entirely unnecessary, so the surgery has been cancelled!

Thank you, Dr. Thropay!
Rosemary Reyes

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