OK, no flu shot – so what CAN I do?


I’m sure you have noticed that there are SO MANY people suffering from colds or flu symptoms these days.  Maybe you are there yourself!  

The far too common treatment for flu symptoms and ear infections is a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately, this practice is what has caused the development of “super-bugs” that are resistant to antibiotics…so the pharmaceutical companies make stronger antibiotics, which in turn are resisted by stronger “bugs”… and the cycle is perpetuated.
Where will it stop?  We believe it is best to let antibiotics be a treatment only of last resort.
But there’s lots of good news for treatment of first resort!
There are excellent, effective natural products available in our office. Come immediately for Susana to evaluate you (or your child). The right products for you will depend upon what she finds.  For example, the right protocol for a virus is different than that for a bacteria. 
The important thing is to attack the problem immediately and be consistent with the treatment until you test “clear.” This will usually happen very quickly – the sooner you get started, the easier it is to resolve the problem.
It’s a good idea to keep on hand a bottle of Congaplex and one of Immuplex.  Between the time you notice the first hint of a symptom and the time you can get in for evaluation (hopefully that will be within a very few hours), you can take 1-2 of these per hour.  Remember, though, that this is just a stop-gap measure to help a little until you get here and address the situation specifically.  
When it comes to ear infections, we have herbal drops for specific immune challenges – and again, you need to be tested to find out which one is right for your case.
Dietary recommendations?  Keep away from anything sweet when you have a cold, flu, ear infection, or ANY illness.  And of course, no junk food.  Your body needs to focus upon fighting the invaders, and can’t afford to be distracted by digestive issues.
You will feel so good about stopping a cold or flu in its tracks WITHOUT toxic drugs!
We have a great promo this month.  Refer someone new to us in February, and we will thank you with a $10 coupon for purchases at Thropay Health Center. This includes supplements, raw honey, Mrs. Thropay’s pancake mix or her cookbook. What a deal!

Call us at (562) 861-3896

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