Do you have a choice when it’s Osteoporos​is?

How effective are the favorite medications for osteoporosis, like Fosamax, Boniva, and Actonel?  Howsafe are they? These are million dollar questions!

Those drugs are very powerful and known to have devastating “side” effects. For that reason, patients currently are usually told to take them for no longer than 5 years.  
Here are a few of the effects they bring:
– risk of Barrett’s esophagus (the lining of the esophagus is eroded, causing pain, difficulty in swallowing, increased risk of tumors)
– spontaneous hip fractures
– indigestion
– long-term weakening of the skeleton
– necrosis (death) of the jaw bone, due to the jaw being robbed of calcium in order to fill up the “holes” somewhere else.  This necrosis results in excruciating pain that eventually prevents the person from either speaking or eating
As for effectiveness, there may be some symptomatic relief, but it is often short-lived. And since there are so many terrible potential effects, at what cost is the temporary relief gained? 
There is much better news!  
Plenty of natural alternatives are available to osteoarthritis sufferers in the form of concentrated whole-food supplements. In addition, a diet consisting of organic whole foods can make an enormous difference.  Both of these factors together enable the body to work at genuine healing.  In fact, we have patient success stories on this subject that are very impressive!  (Please see our website
One simple step that EVERYONE should take: Buy bones that come from free-range cattle, and simmer them in water for several hours to make rich, healthful bone broth.  This in turn can be cooked with vegetables and seasonings into tasty, nourishing soups.  You’ll do your bones a big favor!     
And, of course, coming for Nutrition Response Testing will put you on the right road, as well.  Learning what is hindering your body and also what it needs to achieve excellent health will get to the underlying CAUSE of the arthritis.  How much better than seeking just symptomatic relief!
Congratulations to DORELLA CAPRIOLI, our new Patient of the Month!  It’s Dorella’s third time to capture this award, which goes to the person who refers the most new people to us in a month.  Dorella wins a FREE office visit of her choice! (chiropractic or nutrition)  And she has the greater satisfaction of helping her friends and family start the journey to amazing health.  
We’re always available at (562) 861-3896

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