Constantly Tired? Chronic Fatigue? Overweight?


Overweight, chronically sluggish and lethargic in both body and mind, frequently dizzy and constantly living with insomnianumbness in both hands and feet – these symptoms were all mine.  What’s more, I thought it was  normal to be like this when a person was over 40!  After several months of conscientiously following your customized program for me, I am delighted to report that:

1. I have lost 40 pounds

2. the lethargy, sluggishness, foggy thinking, insomnia, and dizziness are all gone

3. my feet and hands are no longer numb

And, as a bonus, the astigmatism in my eyes has disappeared!  This was a part of my life since fourth grade.  Also, my eye prescription has improved, rather than worsening.

I can’t thank you enough for your part in these amazing, unexpected results!  You truly

have the key to helping the body regain good health.  I will continue to refer many

people to you so they, too, can live productive lives.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alma Meyers

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