What about flu shots?

At supermarkets and pharmacies, on TV and internet ads, we are bombarded: “Get your flu shot now!”  Urging the importance of protecting everyone – adults, children and the elderly – against the flu, the campaign seems even more aggressive this year than before.
It’s SO important to be well informed on this subject before deciding.  As you may guess, we in this clinic recommend strongly AGAINST anyone accepting a flu shot into his or her body. Our reasons include:
a) the ingredients in the vaccine – mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergent, ether, etc. The 2013-2014 vaccine contains mercury in a significant amount that we consider dangerous to health.
b) the actual effect of a flu shot – not “immunity,” but suppression of the immune system that makes one vulnerable to worse conditions than the flu
c) the serious risks that come along with the supposed benefit – one example: those who take the flu shot annually for 3-5 years are TEN TIMES more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.  (This would be due to the significant content of mercury and aluminum, which are fundamental components behind dementia and autoimmune conditions.)
To learn more details about the dangers of flu shots, you can find help from the following websites:
Of course, no one wants to get the flu!  So what’s the alternative to taking a flu shot? 
Working WITH your body, instead of against it!  Supporting your immune system and building it up, to prevent getting sick in the first place. Using natural and homeopathic products instead of toxic ones if you do get sick. 
We can help you!  Come in for an evaluation by Susana to see what your body is needing to help you navigate through the flu season…and beyond. 
You know our number…(562) 861-3896.  Your questions and comments are always welcome!

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